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Use your existing Linkedin, Gmail, or a Facebook account on Hellocart

In our bid to enable our customers to live a stress-free life, today we are announcing the new social login on Hellocart. With this new feature, you have access to a fast, secured, and smooth authentication method.

For those who do not know what social login means, we will explain to you what it means. Social login is an authentication(Login) method that allows users to use the identity already created in any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram avoiding completing a long and tedious form.

Why username password?

According to a poll by Intel Security, the average person has 27 discrete online logins. From social media accounts to banking to online shopping to utilities, credentials—which usually include a username and password—are required for each. And if people are practicing good password hygiene, they’re engaging in the following recommended practices:

  • DO: Use a different password for each account.
  • DO: Use a long password. In fact, the longer, the better.
  • DO: Use special characters, numbers, and capital letters.
  • DO: Change your passwords every couple of months.
  • DO NOT: Write down your password, whether that’s on a piece of paper or stored electronically.
  • DO NOT: Share passwords via text, email, or chat.
  • DO NOT: Use easily identifiable information, such as a birthday or a child’s name.
  • DO NOT: Use an incredibly generic password such as 12345.

Password fatigue

Password fatigue is the feeling experienced by many people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily routine, such as to log on to a computer at work, undo a bicycle lock or conduct banking from an automated teller machine (ATM).

We are aware that the leading reason people use social authentication is to avoid having to fill out online registration forms. Other reasons people hate creating a new account include not wanting to remember another username and password and using the same identity on multiple websites.

Do you really need another username and password?

If you use the internet a lot, you must have created up to 27 usernames and passwords for various services. Do you really need another username and password? Your username and password are to ensure that you are the only one who can access your data. Remembering passwords was bad enough when it was just 6 characters but then came longer minimum lengths, mandatory alphanumerics, then mixed case alphanumeric and now starting to see special characters.

How will this feature benefit you?

It can be stressful in keeping tabs on usernames and passwords for the various website and web applications you use. You might have signed up for so many web services that use user names and passwords for authentication. With this feature, you don’t need to remember yet another username and password. It allows you to use your existing username and password. The primary reason you are using Hellocart is for you to shop fresh food items and daily essentials conveniently, nothing should get in the way of that.

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