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Where to buy garri at a cheap price

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Cassava flour commonly called garri in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa is made from cassava tuber. It is a common food in most parts of West Africa. It contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C, and also starch.

The difference between yellow garri and white garri

Garri is often made in two variations; white and yellow. Yellow garri is prepared by adding palm oil just before the fermenting stage of the cassava mash. White garri on the other hand is fried without the addition of palm oil.

Ijebu garri

Ijebu garri is one of the varieties of garri made in west Africa. Its produced mainly by the Yoruba people of Ijebu Origin in western Nigeria. It has a pleasantly sour taste that is great for soaking.

Ijebu garri is commonly consumed by soaking in it and water and drinking it. It is also great for making Eba.

Garri as Eba

Eba is a stiff dough made by soaking garri in hot water and kneading it with a wooden baton until it becomes a smooth doughy staple. It is served as part of a meal with various soups and sauces. Some of these include okra soup, egusi soup, vegetable soup, afang soup, Banga soup, and bitter leaf soup.

Garri as a snack

As a snack or light meal, garri can be soaked in cold water mixed with sugar or honey, and other proteinous food.

But garri can be eaten with beans(oiled or moi-moi) in its dry form. It can also be soaked and eaten with beans.

Nutritional benefit of garri

Cassava, the root from which garri is produced, is rich in fiber, copper, and magnesium.

Does garri expire?

Garri undergoes Microbial deterioration if not properly stored. The main agents that contaminate and spoil garri are mould, insects, and mites. Growth of mould in garri results in changes in the organoleptic, microbiological, and nutritive quality which lead to spoilage. By the way, Mould is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.

Garris is best stored in a clean dry container free from the reach of rodents and insects.

Where to buy garri in Lagos

You can buy garri from markets such as:

  • Alaba international market
  • Ikotun Market
  • Ladipo Market
  • Oyingbo Market
  • Mile 12 Market
  • Oshodi Market
  • Jakande Market
  • Ajah Market
  • Arena Market

, and malls around Nigeria.

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Photo by John Onaeko on Unsplash

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