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Mamador vegetable oil-1.5litres


Product Details

Looking for vegetable oil for cooking, that your heart will thank you for? Mamador pure vegetable oil provides you with many health benefits with the best product quality and freshness ever. 

Product Features

  • 1.5 liters
  • Tamper-proof seal so you can know if it has been opened before. If seal is broken then someone has probably opened it before.
  • Mamador  Vegetable oil is NAFDAC certified.
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil is 100 % tripled filtered from impurities to bring out the golden color.

Benefits of cooking with Mamador Vegetable Oil

  • Mamador Vegetable Oil is cholesterol-free, so your heart is safe
  • Mamador Vegetable oil does not oxidize under sunlight, the quality is preserved
  • Mamador vegetable oil contains Omega 6 and 9 to keep your heart healthy.
  • Mamador vegetable oil is fortified with Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant. It helps prolong cells life, therefore, results in healthy and good aging.
  • It has a good amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for your eyesight prevents night blindness.
  • Free from artificial additives. Artificial additives can cause digestive, respiratory, nervous, and even skin disorders.

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