Tomato Aroso RIce-50kg-Hellocart

Say goodbye to the stress of running around town to buy food items and groceries. Focus on what truly matters to you, we will deliver this Tomato Aroso RIce-50kg and all other items that you need to your doorstep within one hour.

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Tomato Aroso RIce-50kg


Product Details

Tomatoes Palboiled premium long-grain foreign rice with golden standard enriched with vitamins and minerals., well-refined and polished,  stone-free, and easy to cook.  Non-sticky rice, Tomato Aroso is perfect for all kinds of rice such as Jollof, fried rice or even plain white rice, whether for a party or in-house cooking. 

Product Features

  • Stone free
  • polished and well refined
  • Delicious
  • Non-sticky rice when cooked
  • Quantity: 50kg

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