Blue Band butter-250g-Hellocart

Say goodbye to the stress of running around town to buy food items and groceries. Focus on what truly matters to you, we will deliver this Blue Band butter-250g and all other items that you need to your doorstep within one hour.

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Blue Band butter-250g


Product Details

Blue Band Butter is a thicker, richer-tasting spread for bread, biscuits and muffins. This is thanks to the real dairy butter, milk and cream that make up its high-fibre formula. With extra Vitamin A, D, E, & essential minerals in every serving, Blue Band Butter Spread makes your breakfast or dinner on bread tastier than ever. try it on hot pancakes or waffles as well

Product Features

  • 250g weight
  • Rich in Vitamin A, D, E, and essential minerals
  • Tamper-proof seal

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